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ways of arrival to Paros

Ways of arrival

Paros Secrets

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Flights to Athens

1. Aegean Airlines - Good flights if you continue with them to the next flight to Paros then You should buy the tickets in advance to get good prices.  - Flights of all companies to Athens at good prices. Note whether it includes a suitcase or not and how many kg. another option is Direct flights to Mykonos and Santorini starting in mid-June, convenient flight times and from there you can continue with a ferry to Paros.

Flights from Athens to Paros

1. Olympic Airlines - Domestic flights (subsidiary of Aegean). You can find a connecting flight when looking for a flight to Paros on the Aegean Airlines website, and it's worth checking how much each flight costs separately, sometimes it turns out to be more profitable.

2. Sky expressAn airline that flies domestic flights.

3.  - Pay attention to whether it includes a suitcase or not and how many kg. You can search directly to Paros and it will give combinations of all the airlines together.

Ferry from Athens to Paros

A continuing ferry from Athens to Paros can be checked at the following link:

Direct Ferries​

Ferry Scanner

Average price for the ferry is about 50 euros each way. The ferry takes about 4 hours. The ferry has seating, cafes and beautiful views.

There are also continuing ferries from Mykonos and Santorini to Paros.


* Sometimes the connection between the flight to Athens and the flight / sailing to Paros combines a night's stay in Athens, if the continuation will be by ferry then we will recommend staying overnight in the Piraeus area, from where the ferry departs. If there is a connecting flight, we recommend sleeping in the area near the airport.

sunset apartments and Yoga Euphoria seaside apartment are a recommended accommodation in this area.

Another area we recommend staying in is the Plaka. A vibrant area to explore near the Acropolis in Athens.

* If there are good deals coming in Wizz or Expedia or the other apps to Mykonos/ Santorini.

From there there are ferries that go to Paros.

Check the arrival times of ferries that take between one to three hours and you might want to combine them in your trip and spend a night or several nights there.

Accommodation in Santorini, click here.

Accommodation in Mykonos, click here.

Find your Ferry

Paros Secrets recommends that you book your ferry tickets in advance, especially during the peak season and especially if your are planning island hopping from Athens. This way, you can ensure a seat on the ferry and arrive at Paros on time.

Additionally, if you want to relax in a room with a bed, bathroom and shower, you have the option to reserve in advance.

With Direct Ferries you can choose your ferry, add the ages of the passengers and this way to buy the correct tickets.

How to use the search engine of Direct Ferries:

Departure: Greece

Route: From Piraeus to Paros, search for Piraeus and not Athens.
Have a pleasant trip!


Luggage Storage

You have a few hours between the flight and the ferry or you want to walk around Athens for a day without worrying about your luggage, there is a solution.


On the following website you can find storage places easily and in advance before you reach your destination and thus plan your day correctly and enjoy being free on your trip without carrying unnecessary luggage: you can find storage places in Athens, Paros, Mykonos, Santorini and more.

It's always a good idea to book your luggage storage in advance, especially during peak travel times when storage facilities can fill up quickly. By doing so, you can ensure that you have a convenient and secure place to store your bags while you explore all that Greece has to offer.

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Flying Dress In Athens


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