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Flights to Paros

Paros Secrets

Flights to Paros

The flights that arrive to Paros come from either Athens International Airport or Thessaloniki Airport.

There are also flights from Santorini and Mykonos to Paros, but they stop in Athens and thus make a long detour to reach Paros. However, some people may prefer to fly rather than take the ferry  so it's important to know that this option exists.

The flight companies that are flying from Athens or Thessaloniki to Paros are Olympic airline and Sky Express airline.

The planes used for domestic flights are very small. The flight from Athens takes about half an hour, the flight from Thessaloniki takes about an hour and fifteen minutes, and the flights from Mykonos and Santorini take around an hour or even longer due to the layover time between flights.

For a detailed explanation of all the ways to get to Paros, click here.

Paros Airport

The airport in Paros located in Kampos and here is the exact location, 10 minutes drive from the village Aliki and 15 minutes drive from Parikia the main village.

The building is a small structure divided into two parts.

One part is a room with check-in counters, a small kiosk, toilets, and at the end of the room, there is an entrance to the waiting room. From there, a bus will take you to the plane.

The second part is the arrivals area. When you get off the plane, the bus will take you to this area. Inside, there is a door to the luggage conveyor belt. At the end of the conveyor belt, there are car rental services for those who need them, and then the exit door to Paros Island. It's quick and easy - welcome, you've arrived!

Outside, there is a coffee bar with food, snacks, and drinks. Across the street, there is a car park where you don't have to pay for parking... for now.

There is a plan to expand the airport and make it international, but this plan has been around for many years, and even though processes have started, an international airport has not yet been established.

Paros airport arrivals

How to get to your hotel from the airport?

1. Rent a car - The most convenient way to explore Paros is by renting a car. Upon your arrival at the airport, the car rental agency will be ready to assist you. They will provide you with a vehicle that is either parked outside in the airport parking area or take you to their office to collect the car. It is advisable to make an advance reservation, especially during the peak season, as renting a car on the spot can be challenging.  Driving to or from Parikia takes about 18 minutes.

2. Take the bus

For travelers who prefer a more relaxed experience and enjoy the scenic views while exploring Paros, an alternative option is to use the bus service that operates with a limited schedule to and from the airport. It is important to note that you need to adhere to the bus timetable.

The bus primarily travels to Parikia, the main village on the island. From Parikia, you can easily find buses connecting to other villages across the island.

Bus transfer takes about 30 minutes.

Paros Airport bus schedule

From the Airport to Parikia

Mon - Fri - 9:00, 11:50

Weekend - 9:00

From Parikia to the Airport

Mon - Fri - 7:10, 8:40, 11:10, 12:10, 14:15, 16:10

Weekend - 8:40, 12:10, 14:15

From Punda port to the Airport

Mon - Fri - 11:25, 14:30

Weekend - 14:30

3. Transfer from the Airport - Booking a taxi or a private transfer in advance is highly recommended, especially during the peak season. You can easily make a reservation for your transfer by following this link.

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