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Food Activities

Paros Secrets

Indulge in the culinary delights of Paros through a variety of food activities. From Olives and Wine tasting led by local, where you can learn about the authentic Greek culture, to food tours that take you on a gastronomic journey through the island's markets and eateries, there are plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds. Explore the local cuisine, savor traditional flavors, and gain a deeper appreciation for Parian food culture.

Wine and Olives Tasting 

Wine and Olives Tasting in private Beach View villa Paros

Join for an incredible private wine and olive tasting experience at an exclusive villa. With stunning ocean views, a tranquil setting, and a private pool, you'll be treated to a truly romantic and relaxing atmosphere.


During the 2-hour experience, you'll sample 6-7 different wines, including local Paros varieties, accompanied by a selection of cheeses, olives, and freshly baked bread dipped in premium olive oil. Learn about the grapes, history, and olive cultivation as you indulge in the flavors of Greece.


Families of all ages are welcome, with non-alcoholic options available for kids. Take a dip in a 12-meter pool and savor the breathtaking sea view while enjoying this unique and memorable experience. Perfect for groups, teams, and families alike!

* 1.5 hours (approx)​

* Drinks and Food

* English / Spanish Instructor

Olive Oil tasting

Romantic Barbecue

Romantic Barbecue at Private Sea View Villa on Paros

Immerse yourself in a romantic and unforgettable experience with a private barbecue at a stunning sea view villa on Paros. Surrounded by olive trees and breathtaking views of Naxos Island, you'll be enveloped in a tranquil and intimate atmosphere.


The knowledgeable local guide of the host, who has spent over 3 years working in a traditional winery, will regale you with captivating stories about life on this Greek island. Every detail is meticulously taken care of by our passionate host, a long-time resident of Paros and professional photographer, who is dedicated to creating unforgettable memories for you.


Indulge in an authentic Greek meal, featuring a delightful selection of cheeses, grapes, wines, and more, all enjoyed under the twinkling starry sky. This experience promises to be a truly magical and cherished moment.

* 2.5 hours (approx)​

* Drinks and Food

* English / German / French Instructor

Romantic Barbecue

Food Tour

Authentic foodie tasting experience of Paros! (Vegan Vegetarian Carnivore)

Embark on a delectable food tour in Paros that caters to all food preferences, including vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters.


Explore the charming streets of the old town, immersing yourself in the local atmosphere, and discover hidden food gems that you might otherwise overlook.


Each participant will indulge in a tasting plate of Greek delicacies, accompanied by a refreshing drink. Gain insights into Greek culture through its diverse culinary traditions, while enjoying personalized attention on this private tour.


Ideal for couples, friends, or solo travelers, this experience allows you to sample a menu featuring a Greek salad starter, baked aubergines as the main course, and delightful spoon sweets for dessert.


Dinner in the taverna

* 2 hours (approx)​

* Lunch included

* English Instructor

* Location: Parikia

Wine Tour

Wine Tasting

Experience a 3-hour wine tour in Paros, exploring 2 wineries, one specializing in organic wines.


Discover the diverse terrain influenced by rocky substrate, Aegean Sea, and Cycladic winds shaping unique wine flavors.


Enjoy 8 tastings paired with olives, cheeses, meats, and fresh veggies. Walk through vineyards and engage with knowledgeable staff amidst stunning island views.


Tours run from 3pm to 7pm with transportation included. Each cellar visit lasts about 1 hour, with a 15-minute vineyard stroll.


Minimum 6 guests required.


Wine tasting

* 4 hours (approx)​

* Private transportation

* Air-conditioned vehicle

Boho-style Picnic

Picnic for a special moment

Experience the enchanting outdoors of Paros island with Paros Picnic - an extraordinary opportunity to indulge in great food and wine amidst breathtaking scenery.


Paroc picnic will meticulously curate and arrange a boho-style picnic at your desired location, whether it's for a romantic sunset dinner, a beachside lunch, or a rejuvenating hiking stop.


The comprehensive packages include complete setup and cleanup, stunning decor, a delectable selection of charcuterie, freshly baked focaccia, refreshing salads, tantalizing fruits, delightful desserts, as well as a fine assortment of wine, water, and soft drinks. Savor the mouthwatering menu, featuring highlights like a meat and cheese board, a variety of main dishes paired with wine or Prosecco, and a delightful dessert of the day.


Expect to bask in the splendor of Paros' sunsets at picturesque beaches or other outdoor locations, all while relishing in gourmet fare expertly prepared by the renowned local chef, Daniele Astolfi.


* 2 hours (approx)​

* Dinner included

* English, Italian, French

Picnic in Paros

Italian workshop

Pasta Making Class with Italian Aperitivo

In this workshop led by Chef Daniele, participants will have the opportunity to learn the art of making authentic handmade pasta from scratch. Chef Daniele will share insights into the significance of pasta in Italian cuisine, along with the secret ingredients and techniques required to create perfect pasta dishes every time.

During the class, attendees will enjoy one complimentary Spritz and snacks while they immerse themselves in the pasta-making process. The workshop will take place on the beautiful Cycladic terrace of Daniele Ristorante Italiano in Parikia, providing a picturesque setting for the culinary experience.


* 1.5 hours (approx)​

* Snacks

* Alcoholic Beverages

* English, Italian, French, Spanish

Pasta Maker workshop

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