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Creative Workshops

Paros Secrets

Combine your vacation in Paros with immersive creative workshops where you can learn Greek traditional techniques directly from the locals. These workshops offer a unique experience that will not only enrich your time on the island but also provide you with a cherished gift to take home a newfound skill and connection to the vibrant cultural heritage of Greece.

Watercolor Workshop

1 Hour Watercolor Workshop in Parikia's Traditional Town

Experience the joy of watercolor painting in the enchanting setting of Cecelia Art Paros Gallery. Join the local artists for a unique workshop where you will learn watercolor techniques and create your own Paros-inspired masterpiece.


Suitable for all ages and skill levels, including beginners, couples, and families, this workshops provide a fun and educational experience. With art materials provided, you can expect to receive a comprehensive overview of watercolor basics, followed by step-by-step demonstrations of painting two distinct Greek-themed scenes.


As your paintings dry, you'll have the opportunity to learn local tips and explore the captivating artwork showcased in the gallery. Don't miss out on this unforgettable artistic adventure.

* 1 hours

* Art materials are provided

* English Instructor

Watercolor Painting

Clay  Workshop

Playing and Creating with Clay

Engage in a 3-hour pottery class where you'll explore the creative process of ceramic art. Learn hand-building and pottery wheel techniques, with all materials provided. Projects undergo two firings and take 8-15 days to complete. Shipping is available at Greek Post Office rates plus 20% packaging costs.

During the class, you'll experiment with various ceramic techniques, including pinchpot, coiling, and slab methods. You will be offered refreshments before diving into pottery wheel creations. Ceramics offer a meditative experience, welcoming beginners and allowing for creative exploration with no mistakes, only opportunities for improvement.

* 3 hours

* Playing and creating with clay

* Coffee and/or Tea

* Bottled water

* Snacks

* English Instructor

Clay Hands

Marble Workshop

3-Hour Marble Workshop Creating your own Souvenir out of ( Paros ) Marble

Embark on a truly memorable experience in the heart of the Cyclades on the captivating island of Paros. Immerse yourself in the art of marble carving, using both manual and electric tools to shape your own masterpiece.


Follow in the footsteps of ancient Greek sculptors, indulging in a pedagogic and enjoyable evening that unveils the secrets of this revered craft. Discover the renowned "Lychnitis" marble, historically cherished for its beauty and significance, and allow Paros to become an unforgettable destination for all lovers of this majestic material.

* 3 hours

* Material, marble stones. Electric and manual tools are provided

* English/ French Instructor

Coffee Break

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Bread and Olive Oil

Wine & Olives tasting 


Food Tour

Horseback Riding

Horse Riding

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