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Travel in Paros

Travel in Paros

The complete guide

Come to travel in Paros

You've arrived for your vacation in Paros, and we highly recommend exploring the island rather than just staying in the hotel area you've chosen.

Paros is a beautiful island with plenty to see. It's fun to travel around Paros and see the breathtaking views from a car ride, as well as special lookout points.

If you've arrived for more than three days, we also recommend visiting Antiparos, a small island that's similar to Paros in its Cycladic style but has something different - more nature, more space, and a magical atmosphere that you can only discover for yourself.

If you've arrived for more than five days, we also recommend traveling to Naxos Island, which is close to Paros. Take a ferry and spend a day exploring the nearby island, which has plenty of historical sites, an olive oil museum, and temples.

We've prepared guides for your travels in Paros Secrets, which you can purchase and set out on your own at your own pace. The guide includes a daily route and Google Maps locations to make it easy for you to reach your destination.

Written guided tours

We have prepared a written itinerary for a tour of Paros, Antiparos, and Naxos, step by step with you, accompanied by location in Google Maps. The program is written in a clear, organized, and easy-to-understand manner.

The price is 8 euros. Click on the PayPal button to make the payment, and we will send you an email with the tour itinerary.

view at Naoussa gulf

A trip to Paros

In the guide you will find information about the famous picturesque villages. You can explore the narrow alleys, admire the Cycladic architecture, and visit the local shops and tavernas that offer delicious Greek cuisine.

In addition we added the best history location and special places, Here is an excellent tour in Paros. 

 Sanctuary of Apollo on Despotiko island

A trip to Antiparos

The trip begins in Punda. You will take a ferry with your cars to Antiparos island, beloved by Hollywood celebrities for its deep Antiparos cave, the deepest in Europe. You can learn about the Israeli connection to the island and swim in a magical beach. Enjoy a special local meal at a taverna and the atmosphere of a small island in the Mediterranean.

A trip to Naxos

The largest island in the Cyclades archipelago. A traditional island with abundant sources of clean water and a rich history. We will take a ferry to Naxos and go on a tour around the island. We will visit the temple of the goddess of fertility and imagine how the ancient rituals were conducted. We will climb Mount Zas with its cool cave (even in August) and fill our bottles with the clear spring water. We will visit an ancient marble quarry and admire the surrounding marble mountains. We will visit the oldest church in all of Greece, the olive museum, and more.

The Portara of Naxos

Guided Tours

Private Tour on Paros Island

Customizable private tour. Travel through picturesque landscapes and charming villages as you explore the best of the island.

Begin your journey at the ferry or your accommodation, where you'll meet your knowledgeable guide. From there, you'll travel by comfortable transportation, allowing you to relax and soak in the scenic views. Whether it's cruising along the coastline or winding through narrow village streets, the transportation will ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Let your guide plan the itinerary or customize it to your preferences, ensuring that you visit the spots that interest you most. Discover hidden gems, learn about the island's culture and history, and enjoy personalized experiences tailored to your desires. Whether you're seeking beach visits, wine tasting, or dining at the finest spots, the tour will cater to your preferences.

* 5 hours

* Pickup offered

* English/ German/ Dutch Instructor

Paros Bus Island Tour

Explore the highlights of Paros and Antiparos in one convenient day tour by coach. Avoid the frustrations of public transportation and travel comfortably between destinations.


Experience a walking tour of Parikia's old town, take a scenic ferry ride to Antiparos, and visit charming villages including Lefkes and Naoussa. Enjoy lunch and a refreshing swim at Pisso Livadi and witness the ancient marble quarries in Marathi. Admire the Venetian Castle and historic churches in Parikia while traveling in a private coach. Revel in picturesque countryside views and village scenes throughout the journey.

* 8 hours

* Pickup offered

* English Instructor

Full Day Bus Tour in Paros and Antiparos

Experience the highlights of Paros and Antiparos hassle-free on this full-day group tour.


Let your knowledgeable guide share insights into the islands' history and culture. Explore charming towns, soak in stunning island and sea views, and relax on beautiful beaches.


This economical tour allows you to make the most of your day, covering a lot in just eight hours. Enjoy the convenience of round-trip ferry tickets included in the package.

* 8 hours

* Pickup offered

* English/ German Instructor

Amazing Beach Hike Tour in Paros with a Local

Discover Paros' best beaches hassle-free with a local guide. Hike along an easy route from Parikia, passing by a beloved bakery and scenic viewpoints. Find hidden swim spots you'll love, stay hydrated with complimentary water, and avoid the crowds by hiking away from the main tourist trail.

* 1.5 hours

* Bottled water 

* English Instructor

Paros Treasure Hunt

Embark on a thrilling adventure, the Paros Treasure Hunt, on the enchanting island with a rich history and breathtaking landscapes.


Explore the must-visit destinations while adding an extra level of excitement by searching for hidden treasures along the way. Paros was once a notorious pirate hideout, and this treasure hunt allows you to delve into that intriguing past. Discover treasure chests, log your findings, and claim the treasures as your own. For a gracious touch, leave a treasure of your choice for the next adventurers to discover. 

* 2 hours

* English Instructor

Stargazing and Mythology of Paros Night Sky Private/Small Group Tour

Experience a captivating stargazing adventure in Paros, where limited light pollution offers a perfect view of the night sky. Uncover the ancient Greek myths and contemporary science behind the northern hemisphere constellations with your knowledgeable guide.


Enjoy wine and nibbles as you learn about the stars and the universe. For the best experience, bring your binoculars and a DSLR camera with a tripod if you wish to capture night pictures. 

* 1.5 hours

* English/ German Instructor

Private tour in a minivan

Explore the highlights of Paros on a captivating half-day van tour. Discover the Frankish Castle and Holy Temple of Panagia Ekatontapyliani in Parikia. Visit the charming village of Lefkes and stroll through its streets for stunning views. Experience the vibrant nightlife of Naousa with its Venetian castle. Admire the fishing harbors of Piso Livadi and Alyki. Finally, witness a beautiful sunset at Agioi Anargyroi. Pickup and drop-off at your accommodation included.

* 4 hours

* English Instructor

* Hotel pickup and drop-off

* Minivan transportation

* Bottled water

* A welcome gift


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