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Kolimbithres beach

Beaches Naousa area

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Naousa Area

To hop over to a coffee shop at the port, do some boutique shopping, indulge in fancy restaurants, all within a short walking/driving distance. The Naousa area is the lively center of the northern part of the island. The area is active at all hours and caters to early risers as well as discerning travelers.

In the large Gulf of Naousa , there are many small and large pristine coves and beaches. Beaches with excellent taverns, granite rocks, water sports, open-air cinemas, hiking trails, and many other attractions. You can find beaches with and without sunbeds, just take your pick.

To the east of Naousa , there are authentic fishing villages with good taverns and also pristine beaches with golden sand or incredible combinations of stones in various colors. There are also beaches for the young with sunbeds, bars, and good music

Kolymbithers beach

If I could only visit one beach in Paros, without a doubt, I would choose Kolymbithres.

It's a series of sandy coves with clear turquoise and choppy waters. The sheltered bays are almost always calm, warmer and safe, making it an ideal spot for families to swim. The granite rocks shaped by natural forces, together with the rugged mountainous landscape, create an inspiring atmosphere of appreciation. Explore the caves inside the rocks, lounge on a float or enjoy a refreshing cocktail at the beachfront restaurants/bars. In July and August, the beach is very popular, but you'll always find a warm rock to lay your towel on. Across the bay, at the edge of the village, Naousa shines like a pearl of the Aegean Sea.

Beach services: Sunbeds, massages, food and drinks are served to beach sunbeds from the beachfront restaurants. At the end of the beach, there is a center for renting windsurfing, SUPs, pedal boats (with slides), water skiing and more.

Getting there: The area is accessible by bus from Naousa or by a small boat leaving every half hour from the harbor in Naousa.

Kolimbithres beach, location

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acron villas

Acron Villas in Kolimbithres

Monastiri beach

The name of this beach was given thanks to the small monastery sitting on the rocks just to the right of one of the beautiful beaches in Paros. In recent years, it has become part of Paros' environmental and cultural park, an area designated for the conservation of the island's wildlife. It is a wide sandy beach located in a magical bay. The beach is protected from winds by high rocky hills and is almost always calm and pleasant. It is a perfect beach for children as the sea is very shallow even at a distance of 40 or 50 meters from the shore. The park includes several walking trails, including a spectacular one to the northern lookout tower. The tower is my favorite spot to watch the sunset. Further down the beach are several quiet and charming private beaches.

Beach services: bar/restaurant, sunbeds, and umbrellas. On the other side of the bay, you can find water sports. During the summer months, there are also live shows in the evenings (for a fee) and outdoor cinema (for free).

Getting there: You can reach the monastery by a small ferry from Naoussa, by car, or by bus.

For more information about the park and events that will take place there, please visit the website

Monastiri beach, location

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Piperi beach

Magical beach adjacent to the white village of Naoussa, the beach is located below the hotels area, within walking distance to Naoussa. It's a sandy beach with shaded areas from trees. On the side of the beach, there is a beautiful rocky side where you can also sit and relax.

Beach services: No beach services, there are restrooms and walking distance to cafes and restaurants in Naoussa.

Getting there: You can get there by bus to Naoussa and then a short walk to the beach.