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Paros Secrets

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Paros - The pearl of the Cyclades Islands

All the Greek islands are beautiful, there is a special magic in Greece, and in Paros, there is something else, a unique atmosphere that cannot be described in words, this energy must be experienced. 

Want a Greek atmosphere? The authentic celebrations in the villages invite you to dance, celebrate and let go.

Family vacation? Clear turquoise coves, water sports, lying on sunbeds or hot rocks. The Valley of Butterflies, ancient marble quarries, unique summer agriculture without irrigation, historic temples, the attractive charm of the magical village of Naoussa and many other surprising attractions.

Want to combine challenging sports? You can enjoy special conditions for learning and kite surfing and/or wind surfing. Diving clubs, SUP, kayaks, bike trails, marked hiking trails, water skiing, yacht sailing and more. The global tour of the windsurfing world championship passes through Paros in August.

Want a romantic vacation? Sailing between magical bays, luxurious hotels and a stroll in the picturesque alleys of the village of Naoussa. Maybe a trip to the pastoral village of Lefkes with its authentic village atmosphere and the best ice cream on the island. Take a trip to the nearby island of Antiparos to visit the deepest cave in the Balkans or the famous beaches.

Thanks to the indulgent restaurants, local chefs and the boutique villas. The picturesque villages, breathtaking views and the rich local cuisine with fresh agricultural produce. Workshops and body/mind treatments and above all, thanks to the Parian residents.

Naoussa alleys, Paros, Greece
Naoussa Paros

Discover Paros, Greece

Naousa shops

On our website, you can book almost everything for the perfect vacation in Paros, Greece. We have gathered a lot of information regarding affordable car rentals, hotels, transportation, sailing, and various attractions in Paros, Greece.

The first step towards your desired vacation in Paros is choosing your means of transportation. You can choose between a flight or ferry, and find out the exact dates for your visit to Paros.

The second step is finding suitable accommodation for you. We recommend that you also read about the beaches and understand where you would like to be located.

The third step is renting a car. We recommend that you rent a car with the local company, read here all the advanges.

Congratulations, you have ordered everything you need to get to Paros and move around, and now the fun begins:

You can book from various activitiessailing trips, cooking workshops , eSIm card and more.

A dream vacation is the goal of Paros Secrets, the difference between a good vacation and a perfect one in Paros, Greece.

The seasons of Paros, Greece

The tourist season

From April to mid-October, the island comes to life with a vibrant and magical tourist season. The weather is warm and pleasant, and the island is full of events and celebrations. This is the season when everyone loves to visit the island, and the peak months are July and August.


The authentic season

From October to March, it is the non-touristy season. Most of the taverns, bars, and shops are closed, but the island is still alive. Starting in October with the olive harvest season, continuing with the celebrations of the preparation of soma, a local Greek drink made from grapes, and throughout the season, the faces become familiar, and the locals come out to celebrate. Those who come to vacation during this time can enjoy the simplicity and the powerful nature that attracts people to the island.

It is a very special time for lovers of authentic Greek culture, tranquility, and powerful nature.

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ways of arrival to Paros

Ways of arrival

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