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Naoussa, the pearl of Paros island: where to stay in Naoussa, paros

Updated: Apr 6

Where to stay in Naoussa, Paros? so you've decided to book your next vacation in Paros and you heard about Naoussa that it is a must-visit destination. Naoussa offers everything you desire: trendy boutiques, delectable tavernas, vibrant bars, the iconic white and blue Cycladic architecture, stunning beaches around her, and a special atmosphere.

In this blog post, we will write about the areas in Naoussa so you can decide in which area of Naoussa you would like to stay.

Piperi beach

This beach of Naoussa is locates in the beginning of the village. It is more quite area of Naoussa. from the beach you can walk to Naoussa village to all the tavernas, shops and the lively life of the day and night that Naousa has to offer.

Around the beach you can find boutique hotels and villas, those places will be within a walking distance to the Piperi beach and to Naoussa village.

The best hotels to stay around Piperi beach:

Naoussa port:

Choosing to stay in the area of Naoussa Port is ideal for those who adore the village's charm and wish to fully immerse themselves in its ambiance during their stay. You'll step out of your accommodation directly into the charming white alleys of Naoussa, offering easy access to the best gyros, your favorite bakery, nearby tavernas, and bars—all within walking distance from your accommodation. In this area, there are more apartments, studios, and small complexes rather than hotels.

Naoussa alleys
Naoussa alleys

The best places to stay around Naoussa port:

East Naoussa:

This is a wide area where on the far eastern side of Naousa, you will find Anrgiro Beach. However, it takes about a 10-minute walk to reach this beach, so this area is within walking distance of both Naousa village and Anrgiro Beach but you might also need a car. It is a quieter area of Naoussa, nestled between the whitewashed alleys, with some unique boutique hotels.

The best hotels to stay around east Naoussa :

Agioi Anargyroi Beach, Naoussa:

This area is situated around the beach of Agioi Anargyroi and is known for its tranquility. To reach Naoussa village and explore Paros, renting a car is advisable from here. Additionally, you can discover a selection of Paros' finest boutique hotels in this area.

The best hotels to stay around Agioi Anargyroi Beach:


Outside the village of Naousa, you can also find these amazing boutique hotels that are well worth checking out:

Best boutique hotels around Naoussa:

We hope this blog post about where to stay in Naousa will assist you in determining the ideal location for your stay, Enjoy!


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