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Paros Secrets Guide

In this guide, we will recommend the best places to eat and hang out in each village, along with special activities and more. Each recommendation will include a link to Google Maps or a website to help you find the locations easily.


Pearl of Paros. A magical and beautiful village located on the shores of the large and sandy Kolymbithres Bay. Narrow and inviting alleys, boutique shops, cafes, taverns, and a charming fishing port. "The place" to be.


Located on the sea front. It offers delicious breakfasts with vegan and vegetarian options. It is also recommended for dinner.

A cute café in the alleys of Naousa, serving smoothies and high-quality breakfasts.

Lunch and Dinner:

Mediterranean Restaurant, locates in the waterfront.

A delightful fusion of Greek tradition and coastal flavors.

An excellent Greek taverna with delicious meze. Highly recommended. Be prepared to wait in line for a table.

Serving rustic homemade food. Excellent restaurant.

A delightful fusion of Greek tradition and coastal flavors.Barbarossa is where traditional ingredients, the textures and the flavors of the Aegean meet the fine dining outlook of chef Dimitris Nikolis.

A gourmet seafood restaurant at the fishing port.

An excellent seafood restaurant at the fishing port of Naousa.

An excellent restaurant with high-quality food and wonderful cocktails.

The best souvlaki and gyros in the village.

An excellent seaside restaurant with stunning views and superb Greek cuisine. Located in Hipara, just a few minutes' drive from the village of Naousa.


A high-quality bakery with many delicious sweets, good coffee, and one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Naousa Bay.

A special and delicious French bakery.

The delicious bakery in Naousa village center.


Good music and a fun atmosphere, just 20 meters from the sea.

A bar/café on the second floor, overlooking the fishing port of Naousa. A charming spot for morning coffee or to end the evening.

An authentic Greek bar with live performances on Sundays at nine.

Things to do:

Founded in 1910 by Manolis Moraitis, our winery in Naoussa Paros near Aghioi Anargyroi beach combines tradition with modern technology. Now in its fourth generation, we cultivate rare indigenous Parian grape varieties on the 10-hectare vineyard to produce high-quality wines that reflect the unique terroir of Paros. you can join for wine tasting.

The Venetian Fort of Naoussa is located in the old port and it is the most characteristic spot of the lovely settlement. take a walk to see the beauty of the view from the castle.

From Naousa marina you can sit in one of the restaurants and watch the sunset.

From Naousa marina you can take a taxi boat to explore kolimbithres beach and Monastiri beach.

Kolimbithres beach


When you arrive at Kolimbithres, be sure to walk around the beaches and explore the stunning rock formations and unique area. You can also find various water sports activities there.

Lunch and Dinner:

An excellent Greek taverna with great seafood and more, located opposite the beaches of Kolymbithres.

Good Greek food, with some of the best stuffed peppers. Great prices and a view of Kolymbithres Bay. Perfect for a meal after a day at the beach.

Relax on the sunbeds and enjoy signature cocktails. Savor fresh seafood and local dishes at the casual Mediterranean restaurant with a breathtaking seaview.

Moastiri beach


This beach, named after the small monastery on the nearby rocks, is part of Paros' environmental and cultural park, dedicated to wildlife conservation. It features a wide sandy shore in a calm, wind-protected bay, perfect for children due to its shallow waters extending 40-50 meters from the shore. The park offers walking trails, including a scenic route to a northern lookout tower, ideal for sunset views. Additionally, there are several quiet, charming private beaches further along the coast.

Lunch and Dinner:

Monastiri Beach Bar & Restaurant offers a menu curated by Dimitris Skarmoutsos, featuring iconic Mediterranean dishes with a modern twist, along with an array of great cocktails.

Things to do:

-  in the bay of Monastiri, you can walk from the restaurant side along a path that hugs the bay. Continue along the path and discover magical coves in front of you, where often you can find yourself alone for those who love privacy in the season or alongside yachts anchored there. These are turquoise bays that simply must be dipped into.

Paros Park in Paros is a natural reserve boasting  stunning views, and cultural sites. It's ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. In the summer, it comes alive with live events, offering a vibrant cultural experience amidst the island's natural beauty. For more info


parikia paros 14_edited.jpg

The large settlement and port of transportation. A bustling village with numerous restaurants, shops, charming alleys, and an ancient fortress. The central place on the island, which is the current hub of Paros.


The place for the café and breakfast in front of the sea.

All day brunch menu. located infront of the sea. perfect for morning and sunset.

A fantastic beachfront restaurant, ideal for spending a perfect beach day.

Lunch and Dinner:

An excellent restaurant, blending the flavors of Greek and Mediterranean, located in the central square of the Parikia port.

An excellent traditional tavern, the most authentic you'll find in Parikia, offering delicious seafood dishes.

An excellent restaurant tucked away in the alleyways, offering a wide variety of unique and flavorful dishes, including vegetarian options.

Delicious Italian restaurant with all fresh ingredients. The place also offers pasta workshops

Located on a tranquil beach near Parikia, with a Thai-inspired ambiance. Serving Asian cuisine, tasty shakes, Mediterranean seafood, and dishes from the sea.

An excellent restaurant with beautifully styled decor, situated on one of the enchanting bays near Parikia.


A high-quality bakery with many delicious sweets, good coffee.

An excellent bakery offers coffee, amazing sweets and delicious sandwiches.

The delicious bakery in Naousa village center.


Superb Greek cuisine and live music on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 9:00 PM.

A Greek café-bar with bouzoukis and an authentic Greek experience.

One of the finest sunset views in Paros, offering shakes, coffee, and alcohol.

A charming bar nestled in the alleys of Parikia, with a fun atmosphere and seating both outdoors and indoors.

Things to do:

The island of Paros has been continuously inhabited since the Neolithic period, around 4000 BCE. Parian marble is renowned for its quality and was used in the construction of various temples in antiquity. The island's history is rich with tales of pirates, wars, and kings, all intertwined with local folklore. In the Archaeological Museum, visitors can see ancient artifacts and displays of archaeological findings unearthed in Paros.

The Holy Shrine of the Virgin Mary Ekatontapyliani, located in Parikia, Paros, is one of the oldest and most significant Christian monuments in Greece. Legend has it that it was founded by Saint Helen, the mother of Emperor Constantine the Great, in the 4th century AD. The name "Ekatontapyliani" means "church with a hundred doors," though the exact origin of the name remains uncertain. The complex consists of several chapels and is a revered pilgrimage site for Orthodox Christians.

It is a historic fortress dating back to the 13th century. Built by the Venetians, it served as a defensive stronghold against pirate attacks. Today, visitors can explore its ruins, enjoy panoramic views of the town and the Aegean Sea, and immerse themselves in the island's rich history.

One of the most beautiful spot to catch the sunset.

One of the most beautiful spot to catch the sunset.Experience the joy of watercolor painting in the enchanting setting of Cecelia Art Paros Gallery. Join the local artists for a unique workshop where you will learn watercolor techniques and create your own Paros-inspired masterpiece.

Adventure-seeking travelers in Paros can indulge in an exhilarating horseback ride in the northern region of the island. Embark on this experience in the morning to enjoy the refreshing air before the day heats up, and ride at a pace that suits your comfort level.

Evening Horse riding

Hop aboard your luxurious catamaran and set sail. Indulge in a delectable lunch featuring authentic Greek delights as you take in the scenery. Discover both Paros and its sister island, Antiparos, on this round-trip sailing adventure.



An authentic and friendly fishing village with lovely beaches and great taverns right on the sea. Ambelas is gaining popularity among tourists due to its tranquility, locals and beautiful beaches.

Lunch and Dinner:

Delicious seafood straight from the fishermen in a stunning location by the sea in the charming fishing village.

Exquisite seafood cuisine. located on the main beach.

Things to do:

Enjoy a one-day, hands-on cooking lesson with Stella, the most trusted gastronomic specialist on the Island, who will introduce you to authentic and local Greek cuisine.


Alyki Paros

A small and charming village in the southwest of the island, close to the airport. Beautiful beaches, seafood restaurants with fresh seafood, and a new marina built in the village. A departure point for day trips to Antiparos,


Coffee and breakfast in the port on the sea.

Lunch and Dinner:

An excellent seafood restaurant with delicious and generous dishes, located right by the fishing port of Aliki. Closest to the sea.


Traditional bakery

Things to do:

Situated in the outskirts of Aliki, features intricate handmade displays and miniatures depicting the rich cultural traditions of the Cyclades islands, including ships and notable monuments.

Morning cruise, afternoon cruise, sunset cruise and day cruise. Private cruises for the most beautiful tourquise.

Piso Livadi

Piso livadi

Stroll around the charming port and dine at a delightful seafood restaurant. During the summer, enjoy Greek live shows that perfectly complement the Greek ambiance.

Lunch and Dinner:

A restaurant serving fresh seafood and authentic Greek cuisine meticulously prepared with care and love in the fishing port.

In the small port, there's an excellent seafood restaurant.


A charming beach bar in Piso Livadi. A great spot to start the day or stop by for a drink by the water. The place hosts parties and live performances.


Goldeb beach Paros 3.jpg

Drios is an authentic village in the southern part of Paros, located next to the Golden Beach. It offers tranquility and a genuine local experience.

Lunch and Dinner:

The restaurant combines Greek dishes, elevating them to exceptional quality and uniqueness. It's advisable to make reservations in advance during peak season to secure prime seaside seating.

Enjoy traditional souvlaki accompanied by live music throughout the year.

Things to do:

The center of windsurfing in Paros, one of the longest beaches (almost 700 meters) on the island and definitely one of the most beautiful. Golden and soft sand with clear turquoise water and as if from a postcard there is a small island within swimming distance. 

Windsurfing in the Golden Beach area of Paros is highly recommended for windsurfing enthusiasts.


Lunch and Dinner:

Experience acclaimed Greek flavors crafted by Anna's skilled hands in a traditional taverna. Authentic Parosian cuisine at its finest.

Lolandonis beach


Drios is an authentic village in the southern part of Paros, located next to the Golden Beach. It offers tranquility and a genuine local experience.

Lunch and Dinner:

The restaurant combines Greek dishes, elevating them to exceptional quality and uniqueness. It's advisable to make reservations in advance during peak season to secure prime seaside seating.In the southern part of the island, on a beautiful beach, you'll find an excellent chef's restaurant with beach chairs and luxurious loungers—a beach that's perfect for spending the entire day. The place will also be open late for drinks by the sea.

Things to do:

Morning cruise, afternoon cruise, sunset cruise and day cruise. Private cruises for the most beautiful tourquise.

Kalogeros beach

Kalogeros Beach Paros 9.jpg

Kalogeros is renowned as a one-of-a-kind beach in Paros, famous for its complimentary clay deposits! The northern coast features clay-rich rocks easily identifiable by their color, offering visitors a free facial treatment.



A unique village in the mountains with narrow streets for walking only (no vehicles). Breathtaking views of the neighboring island Naxos, enchanting alleys, like a continuous walk inside a postcard. At the end of the village, facing the stunning view, is the Church of the Trinity. In Lefkes, there is ice cream made on site, one of the best in Paros.


You can enjoy delicious traditional snacks and local drinks, along with homemade sweets, all while experiencing the warm hospitality of Lefkes residents and hearing stories from the village's rich past.

Lunch and Dinner:

Delicious Greek food and meats, homemade. Stunning views.

Excellent food from the Greek cuisine. 

Things to do:

The Byzantine Way is the oldest path on the island, connecting Lefkes to Prodromos. The Byzantine Way begins at Louki's Café in Lefkes. The path, whose history dates back to the Byzantine period (1000 AD), is 3.5 kilometers long and paved with Parian marble.

Punda area


Butterflies Nature Reserve  A magical, green valley with flowing water year-round from a spring in the mountain. A unique biosphere that attracts a vast number of Jersey Tiger Moths. In May, the butterflies arrive to mate; in July and August, tens of thousands of butterflies can be seen everywhere. When they spread their wings, their special beauty is revealed. A magical experience in a pleasant and cool place for the hot summer days, July an August.

Enjoy your vacation

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