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Top activities to do in Paros

Activities in Paros

There are countless options for activities in Paros, starting with tours of local attractions (such as the Butterfly Valley, the Antiparos cave, and more), followed by bike or horseback riding, hiking trails in nature reserves, fun days at stunning beaches, mini golf, water parks, historical museums, ancient churches and monasteries, and outdoor cinema under the stars. In addition, there are also outdoor performances Vibrant evening and nightlife in various villages and mazes of small streets that lead to unique boutique shops, charming taverns, and lively bars. It's always fun to "get lost" in the narrow and well-groomed alleys and suddenly discover a new place in the village. In this Guide you will find all the top activities to do in Paros.

Top Activities in Paros 
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Ways of arrival

Ways of arrival

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