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Sailing in Greece

The guide for booking a sailing vacation

Paros Secrets

Catamaran cruise in Paros

One of the special vacations you can do for yourself is to sail, connect with the sea, and connect with nature. Listen to the sound of the waves before you go to sleep and wake up in the morning to see the blue sea throughout your day and let it accompany you with its power.

Relax with those you come with and with the nature you encounter, stop to eat delicious tavern food, jump into the turquoise sea, snorkel, catch a corner on the deck and doze off.

Contact us and let us know how many people you are, on which dates you want to sail and we will create a dream sail for you!

One week sailing trip

catamaran sailing vacation in Greece

Sailing Vacation in Catamaran

What does it mean to book a yacht sailing vacation?

Here are a few things you should know in advance about yacht rentals:

1. The trips run from Saturday to Saturday. At 6:30 pm, everyone boards the yacht with all the equipment, gets to know the yacht, and discusses the route. They return to the marina on Friday by 5:00 pm, and spend the last night on the yacht in the marina. On Saturday, after coffee and pastries, everyone leaves the yacht by 9:00 am.

2. When receiving the yacht, you must leave a security deposit on a credit card and pay for final cleaning and insurance, which are not included in the yacht rental fee.

3. On the first day, you will prepare for the trip and equip the yacht with everything you need for living onboard: toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, a bucket, garbage bags, shower soap, and of course, food. The yacht comes with a kitchen with cooking utensils, bedding, and towels (one set per person).

4. Before setting sail, it is recommended to do some shopping at the supermarket near the marina (usually delivery to the yacht is possible).


5. For an additional fee, you can book a yacht with a crew that includes a chef/host who cooks and serves meals for you. Keep in mind that such yachts are usually booked months in advance. Of course, the rental price for a yacht with a crew that includes a chef/host is much higher than that for a yacht without one.


6. At the end of the trip, you will fill the fuel tank and pay for the fuel you used, which is not included in the yacht rental price. The cost of marinas is also not included in the rental price. The first and last nights in the marina where the yacht is based are free. Anchoring in protected bays and not in marinas is also free.

7. The yacht rental cost does not include the cost of skipper per week.

8. During the yacht sailing, we listen to nature, the wind, the waves, and the weather. The sailing route is planned, but always with attention to the whispers of nature.

Paros Secrets organizes a yacht vacation for you


You will organize a bathing suit and come sail with us at ease.

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Day cruise in Paros

One week sailing vacation

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Sailing vacation in Catamaran

Day cruise to Antiparos

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