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Discover Paradise: Your Guide to Naousa's Breathtaking Beaches

Updated: Apr 14

Naousa isn't just renowned for its charming village; it's also home to the breathtaking beaches nestled within Naousa Bay. Naousa beaches are definitely something you won't want to miss during your vacation.

Naousa Beaches :

Kolimbithres beach

Kolimbithres beach is located near the town of Naoussa and it is one of Naousa famous beaches. It's known for its unique rock formations sculpted by the sea, creating natural swimming alcoves. It is easily accessible by car or bus from Naoussa.

Another option is to take the taxi boat from Naoussa port to Kolimbithres Beach. This service operates several times a day, allowing for easy back and forth transportation. You can obtain information about the schedule in here or Just head towards Barbarossa Restaurant from the port, and you'll find the information stand right in front of it, or just before it.

The beach offers stunning views of the turquoise Aegean Sea, with shallow waters that are perfect for children due to their calmness and shallowness.

On the beach, you'll find the restaurant "On the Rocks", which extends all the way to the beach. You can also discover rocky areas to lay on or small sandy bays. Children would enjoy playing with the rocks, while you can relax in the sunbeds or on the rocks, whichever you prefer.

Kolimbithres beach
Kolimbithres beach

Another great traditional taverna is 'Vigla,' offering delicious dishes to savor while enjoying your time at Kolimbithres Beach.

In the other side of Kolimbithres beach there is WaterSkiZone, it offers an ideal spot for water sports enthusiasts. Sheltered from strong winds, it's perfect for beginners. Specializing in various types of water skiing, including monoski, double skiing, wakeboarding, and barefoot skiing, the zone also offers activities like canoeing, stand-up paddling, tubing, and fun games.

Kolimbithres beach
Kolimbithres beach

The best hotels to stay around Kolimbithres beach:

Monastiri beach:

Nestled beyond Kolymbithres Beach, Monastiri in Paros awaits just a few kilometers away, nestled within a rocky bay encircled by towering hills. ON the right side you'll see the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Detis, which gives the beach its name. On the opposite side, imposing rocks add to the dramatic scenery. This picturesque sandy beach boasts crystalline waters, renowned for their clarity. The sea, adorned in emerald hues, maintains a waist-level depth for approximately 100 meters, offering ideal conditions for families with kids.

It is easily accessible by car or bus from Naoussa, as it lies along the continuing road from Kolimbithres Beach. Additionally, you can reach Monastiri by taking a taxi boat from Naoussa.

Monastir beach
Monastir beach

Monastiri beach bar has new, comfortable sunbeds and restaurant food that serve up delicious food and drinks. You can also find water sports and fun water activities suitable for both adults and children. You can choose between canoeing or stand-up paddleboarding and explore unique locations!

If you walk along the seaside of Monastiri Bay, you'll discover small secluded bays where you can enjoy privacy almost entirely.

Paros Park:

One of the things that the park offers is the opportunity to take three hiking routes. Clear signs along the way make it easy to find. These trails range from easy to moderate difficulty, catering to individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Path 1 offers hikers the chance to witness the captivating sunset at Cape Corakas Lighthouse.

In addition, don't miss out on the vibrant summer events happening at Paros Park. There are eclectic music performances and enchanting open-air cinema screenings under the starry sky. Be sure to check the schedule here to plan your unforgettable summer evenings.

paros park cinema
paros park cinema

The best places to stay around Monastiri beach:

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